The Legend of Zelda IV : Link's Awakening (Minecraft)


  1. FAQ
  • Why do you do that ?

Because I do like Creative Mode of Minecraft, I do love Zelda IV and gaming system fits nice with this game.

  • Maps of Koholint already exist.

I know. I'm testing on my own Minecraft, and there're some things I don't like in other maps (just personal).

  • What can I expect from this map ?

I'm trying to produce a 1:1 map of Koholint, with a Z-view (height) that would fit as close as possible of the map. Also, you should be able to screenshot from up the Minecraft and get a almost 1:1 reproduction of original map. I'm thinking about adding dungeons, inner houses... but it does represent a challenge as they also need to be 1:1 reproduction but I have some ideas about it.

Also, the map will come with its own texture set.

  • Compatibility with Minecraft versions ?

Started with full version 1.0.0, works with 1.1. No idea about free version and older versions.

  • How is built the map ?

Almost everything is done within Minecraft ; that's why this map takes time to create. I use MCEdit only for some very big stuff (deleting autogen world, sea...)

  • When will I get a download link ?

When the map is done. This does NOT necessarly means the map is playable or everything's done.

  • When did the mapping start ?

Mid-december 2011.


  • Toronbo Shores : ok
  • Animal Village : ok
  • Cemetery : ok, tombs are not built
  • East of the Bay : ok
  • Face Shrine : ok
  • Goponga Swamp : ok
  • Kanalet Castle : ok
  • Koholint Prairie : wip
  • Mabe Village : ok
  • Martha's Bay : ok
  • Mt. Tamaranch : ok
  • Mysterious Woods : ok
  • Pothole Field : ok
  • Rapids Ride : -
  • Signpost Maze : ok
  • Tabahl Wasteland : wip
  • Tal Tal Heights : ok
  • Tal Tal Mountain range : wip
  • Ukuku Prairie : wip
  • Yarna Desert : ok