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Sub Culture RTP is available in the Download Center. Please refer to readme for installation.

Current version : 2.0 Beta (#750)
Date : September 1st, 2009
Statut = Currently stopped
licence = Free (original textures belong to their creator)

The Sub Culture Real Texture Pack is an improvement of the game Sub Culture. It consists of textures hugely improved or modified to make the game look more realistic and more beautiful.

[[Fichier:Subculture rtp1 beta.png|200px|thumb|right|Screenshot of Sub Culture with Real Texture Pack 1.0b.]]
The project is born is january of 2008 and is developped by Perceval (webmaster). The main goal of the project is to enhance and renew the Sub Culture game - an eleven year-old game - by modifying its textures.

Indeed, Sub Culture mainly works using standard BMP files, drawn in 1997 by Criterion Studios. The textures are cartoony, unrealistic, and look very ugly on our today's computers. The project idea is to renew the textures using third Millenium softwares like Photoshop to add lots of details and to do what probably Criterion Studios couldn't do in the 1990's.
[[Fichier:Subculture rtp1 beta osd.png|200px|thumb|right|New textures for interface, as they were in version 1.0b.]]
On January 23 of 2008, the 1.0b version pack is available for download. The game now features original textures with bumpmapping effects and few fully new textures like Euro coin.

Few days later, the 1.0c version (also called Gamma version)) is announced ; the pack is released on February 15 of 2008, and still remains the latest version of the project until the 2.0 (announced in July 2009) to be released.

Real Texture Pack 1.0
The version 1.0 contains in fact three versions : the 1.0a (never published), the 1.0b, available for download on January 23 2008 and the 1.0c ("Gamma") available on February 15 2008.
The Pack modifies or changes textures of main game content, like objects, buildings, animals, and even submarine interface popups. The ground kept its original textures, and its retexturing is one of the major improvements to come in the 2.0 version.

[[Fichier:Subculture rtp2 building.png|200px|thumb|right|Screenshot of Sub Culture with Real Texture Pack 2.0.]]
[[RTP2.0|Voir l'article détaillé]]

On July 11 2009, the Sub Culture Real Texture Pack is relaunched after a year of silence, and is named RTP2.0. Pre-release version are announced for the end of July (cancelled) and for September 1st of 2009.
The version is now 2.0 because of major improvements that differ from the previous version :
* Claims to be mainly (95% or more) based on photorealistic pictures.
* Ground texturing.